Finalising the panelling

For me, this was an area that I was very keen to get looking perfect on the car. I am an aircraft engineer and I am also a perfectionist, which is probably why the panelling took me 3 months to complete!

Here are the holes cut for the gear shift


Next I cut the holes for the brake and clutch master cylinders. This is fiddly and in the end I made a template to get it right. I also bought a ‘bolt through hole cutter’ the correct diameter to make the holes for the cylinder bodies.


Next were the holes for the speakers (yes we have a sound system!). As per other builders websites, the best place to put front speakers is here:


Next the very popular parts from an Audi TT Smile There must be loads of TT’s with these missing!


Next stage is to attach the front bulkhead. Do Not Rivet The Top Of This Panel! When the body is fitted, this panel is riveted as part of the body fixing. For now, clamp up with sealant and let dry overnight.


Next thing to look out for are the rubber bobbins that locate the bottom of the radiator. These need to be fitted and cleared before the front double skin plate is fitted. I also added a clearance hole under the car in case these ever need to be replaced. It is sealed with a rubber grommet to keep the rain out…


Next – heat and sound proofing…


Rear bulkhead ready to fit. You have to be pretty confident and careful when bending over the panels. Just bend a little angle at a time all along the chassis rail and repeat until the fit is good.


Next – the spacers for the rear double skin kit


Getting there slowly!!